Christening Ceremony COS Master.

On friday 10th of december 2021 we welcomed our first “Monomaran” crewtender ” COS Master” to our fleet. The vessel was christened by mrs. Titia Siertsema, chairwoman of the board”Fonds Nieuwe Doen”. The “COS Master” will meet the increasing demand in the offshore wind i dustry. With its optimized hull it combines the unique advantages […]

Sea Trials Cos Master

Last week various sea trials were held with the m.v. COS Master on the Dutch Waddenzee. The COS Master is the first of 2 innovative Monomaran Crewtenders, of the Endurance 2727 design, that Coastwise Offshore Services B.V. has ordered at the Next Generation Shipyards, The Netherlands. During these sea trials, the engines and all other systems […]

Construction 2nd Monomaran started.

Last week Next Generation shipyard started with the building of the 2nd Monomaran for Coastwise Offshore Services. The vessel will be built under the name “COS Mate” and is a full sister vessel of the Next Generation Shipyards Endurance class type NG 2727. The contract involves a special new type of vessel which combines the […]

Hull COS Master flipped-over

In the evening and night of wednesday the 7th of april 2021 the hull of the first Monomaran crew tender for Coastwise Offshore Services, the COS Master, was brought out of the hall at Next Generation Shipyard. Here the ship was flipped over with the yard’s own crane. After turning around, the ship has been […]

Construction First Monomaran – COS Master

The construction of the first monomaran, Endurance NG2727 – Cos Master – for Coastwise Offshore Services continues steadily with the installation of the hull plating at the Next Generation Shipyard in Lauwersoog. This makes the contours of both the main and side hulls visible. The COS Master is the first of 2 crew tenders to […]

Cos Master – Official numbers

Monomaran – Endurance NG2727 – COS Master. In the last 1,5 week Bureau Veritas – Marine Department and Kadaster visited the Next Generation Shipyards at Lauwersoog to affix the official ship registration numbers to the vessel hull.