Coastwise has decades’ worth of experience as captain/owner and shipping. We are very committed to our customer, our ship and our crew and go beyond the call of duty to provide the best service. We operate internationally, offering independent services and knowledge to captain/owners, shipping companies, brokers, charterers, and other third parties.

Operational and Technical management

Coastwise provides masters and/or owners with adequate operational and technical support to maintain the vessel in operational condition. We also arrange and support surveys and/or dockings, as well as complete supply of required stores, spares and lube-oils according to the vessel specifications and requirements.

Coastwise inspects all vessels in management regularly to ascertain the technical and operational condition of the vessel.

Commercial management

Coastwise offers professional expertise to arrange commercial management by dedicated shipping companies in the Short Sea Market. We offer personal service in combination with our (international) network and on a strictly confidential basis.

Newbuilding Consultancy

In close cooperation with shipbuilders, naval architects and brokers, Coastwise provides expertise and advice on multi-purpose vessel design. We also offer supervision on new-building projects.

Completed projects:

  • Bodewes Trader 3500
  • Groot Shipdesign – Groot Open Top 5000 (licence agreement P11026)
  • NG-Shipyard – Monomaran, NG Endurance 2727


Coastwise offers Superintendence on loading/discharging project cargos or for instance planned and/or occasional dockings of multi-purpose vessels.


Endurance time to our second Crewtender, Cos Mate.