Cos Master

Mv. Cos Master is a modern NG Shipyard Monomaran class crew tender, type Endurance 2727. The design has competitive advantages as more comfort, good seagoing characteristics and a high level of fuel efficiency due to its optimized hull form. It can accommodate 30 Industrial Personnel and has been optimized for comfort and safety. The wheelhouse will provide total control and provide complete visibility during operations.

Monomaran hull

The Monomaran hull design consists of 3 hulls; one middle center hull and 2 side supporting hulls and a cross structure. Its design combines the advantages of an Monohull (less roll) with the advantages of an catamaran hull (lower resistance, more stability and deadweight)

Compared to hulls of other fast crew tenders the advantages are:

  • A higher speed compared to the same installed power
  • More efficient fuel consumption when operating at same speed
  • More comfort due to less roll when operating in same sea conditions (less seasickness)
  • Improved ability for operations up to a significant wave height of 2- 2.5 mtr
  • Improved ability to keep its speed in higher sea conditions
  • Less risk for “tunnel slamming”

Multipurpose Pax area

Pax area is equipped with coffee-bar, video-system and Wi-Fi. The Pax area can be configured in multiple lay-outs:

  • 30 IP configuration
  • Conference configuration
  • Survey configuration
  • Medical first aid area


The vessel can be used for:

  • Route surveys of pipelines, cables and renewables combined with crew transfer if required.
  • Seabed mapping
  • Inspection survey
  • Services for dredging

    All in combination with crew/cargo transfers.

Special features

  • Fuel efficiënt IMO Tier III / ETP Tier-4 engines with exhaust gas aftertreatment and SCR ( Adblue).
  • Engines and Auxiliary can run on HVO fuel.
  • Optimized hull for fuel efficiency, high workability and comfort.
  • Heat recovery system.
  • Dedicated workstation for 2 surveyors on the bridge. For larger projects the pax area can be configured in a survey setting.
  • Optional, vessel can be equipped with an A-frame on the stern deck with an SWL of 1500kg, outreach abt. 2 mtr to the aft- and 1 mtr to the forward direction from rotation point.
  • Integrated moonpool with an diameter of 700 mm.
  • 19 inch rack space. 


Endurance time to our second Crewtender, Cos Mate.