Sea Trials Cos Master


Last week various sea trials were held with the m.v. COS Master on the Dutch Waddenzee. The COS Master is the first of 2 innovative Monomaran Crewtenders, of the Endurance 2727 design, that Coastwise Offshore Services B.V. has ordered at the Next Generation Shipyards, The Netherlands.
During these sea trials, the engines and all other systems on board were tested, fuel consumption- and various other measurements were performed and monitored.
The COS Monomaran is a design that combinates the stability of a catamaran and the speed and fuel efficiency of a monohull. The vessel offers comfortable spacing for 30 man Industrial, and a crew of 5. The cruising speed is 25 knots.
Seazip Offshore Services B.V. at Harlingen in The Netherlands, takes care of the commercial activities for Coastwise Offshore Services B.V.
On December 10, 2021, Next Generation Shipyards will hand over the vessel to Coastwise Offshore Services B.V.


Endurance time to our second Crewtender, Cos Mate.