Coastwise Offshore Services and Next Generation Shipyards commit to third 30 Industrial Personnel Monomaran Crewtender


Shortly before the festive christening of the COS Master, in service since December 10th, Coastwise Offshore Services and Next Generation Shipyards finalized a newbuilding order for a third 30 Industrial Personnel (IP) Monomaran Crewtender. The energy-efficient vessel of the Endurance class NG2727, will be delivered at the end of 2022 and then sail as COS Mariner. A small group of private investors signs for the financing of the ship. It involves an investment of approximately € 6 million.

Coastwise Offshore Services BV, ​​shipping company owned by Douwe van den Berg, Eelko Wijdieks and Onno Nienhuis, sees good opportunities for its new vessels in the offshore energy project market. The main asset is its ample capacity, coupled with great fuel efficiency and low emissions. Within the industry, mainly 12 PAX vessels are active. The need for larger offshore service vessels is urgently growing. Coastwise Offshore Service is responding to this with its 30 IP capacity vessels. There is keen attention in the first delivered vessel, the COS Master, which has recently become operational. The second vessel, the COS Mate, will be available in mid-2022. SeaZip Offshore Service in Harlingen performs commercial management.

Advantages of catamaran and monohull in one design

The 30 IP Monomaran Crewtender is a Dutch made product. The innovative, energy-efficient design has been realized in collaboration with Next Generation Shipyards in Lauwersoog (Groningen) and naval architect Fred van Dorresteijn of VDD-Design in Dordrecht. The innovative design combines the advantages of a traditional catamaran and a monohull. That includes:

  • a higher speed compared to the same installed power;
  • more efficient fuel consumption when operating at same speed;
  • more comfort due to less roll when operating in rough sea conditions.

The aluminium Monomaran Crewtenders have a length of 27 meters, can accommodate thirty IP and carry 15 to 22 tons of cargo. The maximum speed is 26 knots. A crane is standard equipment. The vessels are employable for both O&M activities and survey activities.

Partners in sustainable shipping solutions

The decision to build a third Monomaran Crewtender is a great impulse for Next Generation Shipyards. The Groningen company, located in Lauwersoog, focuses with its own ship engineers on sustainable shipping solutions and energy applications. The company has approximately sixty employees and sees the partnership with Coastwise Offshore Services as an important factor for continuity for both employment and further innovation. Coastwise Offshore Service decided to collaborate on the basis of the shared ambitions regarding making shipping activities more sustainable. The commercial management of the three 30 IP Monomaran Crewtenders has been entrusted to SeaZip Offshore Service, which has a significant reputation as a maritime service provider in the offshore energy industry.


Endurance time to our second Crewtender, Cos Mate.