Christening Ceremony COS Mate

cosmate doop

During last weekend on Saturday 24-09-2022 the christening ceremony of the 2nd Crewtender for Coastwise Offshore Services B.V. took place at Next Generation Shipyards at Lauwersoog.

The ship will sail under the name COS Mate and is a full sister of the COS Master which came into operational service in December 2021.

Both ships are characterized by their optimized hull shape, efficient fuel consumption, low emissions, capacity of 30 IP, sea behavior and comfort.

In the coming week, the technical sea trials will take place at the Wadden Sea, after which the ship will be added to the Coastwise Offshore Services fleet.

The commercial management of the COS Mate will be performed by Seazip Offshore Services B.V. from Harlingen which has a significant reputation as a maritime service provider in the offshore wind and energy industry.


Endurance time to our second Crewtender, Cos Mate.