Construction started COS Mariner.


Next Generation shipyard started with the building of the 3th Monomaran for Coastwise Offshore Services. The vessel will be built under the name “COS Mariner” and is a full sister vessel of the COS Master en COS Mate.

The vessel will be delivered to Coastwise by the end off Q4-2022 and sail under the name of COS MarinerThe aluminium vessel is over 27 metres long, provides ample and comfortable room for 30 passengers and can carry a load of 15 to 22 tons. It will be fitted with a deck crane. and with a Buoyant flexible high abrasion resistant surface fender to maximise grip and durability for use in the high demanding offshore wind industry. The maximised fender height gives significant performance benefits creating a wider operational window.

Once the vessels has been completed, Coastwise Offshore Services will outsource the commercial management of the Monomaran Crewtender to SeaZip Offshore Service in Harlingen.


Endurance time to our second Crewtender, Cos Mate.